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  • Announcement of a West Gallery workshop at at Newton Highlands Congregational Church, 54 Lincoln St, Newton, Massachusetts at 7.30 pm on Thursday 4th August 2016.

  • Article on the 51 psalm and hymn tunes published by John Bishop uploaded here, with downloadable Scorch, MIDI and PDF files. All have been added to the lists of psalms, anthems, canticles and hymns.

  • MIDI files of all pieces available for download are now available on the Numerical List page. These have been added as some browsers no longer support the Sibelius Scorch files.

  • It has been reported that some browsers are not opening the contact email address. Try a different browser, or read the email address by right clicking on the screen and selecting Source Code, View Page Source, or similar.

Newton Highlands<br>Congregational Church
Newton Highlands
Congregational Church