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  • Nine new files for download (RM486-494) have been added comprising six psalm tunes, one anthem and two hymns. These include the ever-popular Birmingham as sung at all WGMA gatherings.The composers page has been updated, and now lists 105 known composers whose works are represented on this site.

  • The events page is suspended, pending the Coronavirus restrictions.

  • If you do not have the Sibelius Scorch plugin, it still seems to be available here. If you just click on a Scorch file when you haven't already got the plugin, it tends to direct you to their cloud facility instead of Scorch.

  • My self-published edition of Henry Playford's The Divine Companion is available from Fast Print Books. It is the first known compilation of church music aimed specifically at amateur church choirs. The edition prseents the music in a modern format.

  • MIDI files of all pieces available for download are available on the Numerical List page. These have been added as many browsers no longer support the Sibelius Scorch files. Internet Explorer and SlimBrowser are browsers which still support Scorch files.

  • It has been reported that some browsers are not opening the contact email address, which is francis.roads at (@ sign omitted to fool phishers.)

The Divine Companion
The Divine Companion