Waiting for the Pairings

This verse was composed during the 2005 US Go Congress
at Tacoma, Washington. The last stanza only is not based on fact.

"We're standing all around.
Was there something we missed?
O Tournament Director, where
Is Round One's pairing list?

"Our brand new software crashed.
Some folks have shown up late.
We've data missing; I'm afraid
You folks will have to wait."

"There's software tried and true
That's made us many a draw.
This is no time for programmes which
Were never used before.

And are you just too kind?
Latecomers shouldn't play.
To wait for all who might show up
Would keep us here all day".

I'll go back to my room.
Right here, I'm losing heart.
Some extra sleep will do me good,
I'll be back for the start.

How many strokes was that
I heard the church clock chime?
Oh no! It's noon! I must rush back.
Too late! I lost on time.