Analogue for me

This verse won first prize in the 2009 Bob High Memorial Competition at the US Go Congress in Fairfax, Virginia.

Ing clock! Ing clock! Purple thing-clock,
Every year the one they bring-clock,
I can't understand one thing-clock,
Give me a clockface, hands and spring-clock.
Every year I learn to set it,
Come next year, and I'll forget it,
BT, RS, Reset, Mode,
Still can't crack that Ing clock code.
Black has two hours, White has one,
That won't do, so can't press "run."
Turn that clock off, start once more,
Fifth attempt. This clock's some bore.
Now it's working, still no choice,
Can't turn off that woman's voice.
One more "Black time count begin",
This clock may end up in some bin.
Ing clock, makes me think I'm thick-clock,
Easy set clock, that I'll pick-clock,
Turn those hands and set it quick-clock,
Give me a tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-clock.