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West Gallery Workshop in Boston MA, USA

on August 5th, 2014 at 7.30 pm
at Newton Highlands Congregational Church
54 Lincoln St, Newton, Massachusetts

Led by Francis Roads

Pleasant Street<br>Congregational Church

The workshop was organised by Bruce Randall's West Gallery Quire. It was open to all singers and players of wind and bowed string instruments, and about 50 turned up. The ensemble was reasonably well balanced, with perhaps a preponderance of instrumentalists. However, the strong instrumental support enabled us to get through all ten of the pieces, with time for revision of a couple at the end of the session. Everyone seemed happy with the evening.

The music sung is listed below, and remains available for free download. Click on S to view and hear the music from a Sibelius Scorch file. You may need to download the ActiveX Scorch plug-in for your web browser to view and hear the music; just follow the on-screen instructions. Some people need to restart their browser to make the plug-in work. Use the CD controls as you would expect. The black arrows to their left scroll through the pages. (See Questions and Answers for more information.)

Click on pdf if you prefer a printable pdf file.

Newton Highlands
Congregational Church

Music sung was as follows:

Title Text Composer Scorch file PDF file

Metrical Psalms

God is our refuge in distress Ps 46 NVJoseph Stephenson S pdf
I will regard and think upon the working of the Lord Ps 77 NVAnon. S pdf
God in the great assembly stands Ps 82 NVJohn Callcott S pdf


Come, ye that love the Lord Isaac WattsIsaac Smith S pdf
My God, and is thy table spreadPhilip DoddridgeGeorge Handel S pdf
See the leaves around us falling George HorneJohn Broderip S pdf


Hear my prayer, O Lord Ps 102 BCPJoseph Stephenson S pdf
O come hither, and behold the works of the LordPs 46 BCP Francis Roads S pdf


Hark! hear you not a cheerful noiseAnon. William Knapp S pdf
No kingly robes nor golden treasureAnon. Anon. S pdf