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West Gallery Workshop in Boston MA, USA

on August 4th, 2016 at 7.30 pm
at Newton Highlands Congregational Church
54 Lincoln St, Newton, Massachusetts.

Led by Francis Roads

Pleasant Street<br>Congregational Church

This workshop was organised by Bruce Randall's West Gallery Quire. It was open to all singers and players of wind and bowed string instruments.

About 40 folks turned up for this event; a good turnout for this time of year. We were particularly well served with instruments, and our band sometimes had to be invited to play a little more quietly so that the singers could be heard. The ten pieces were all learnt quickly by this experienced group, and there was time for a couple of reprises.

The music sung is listed below, and will remain available for free download. Click on S to view and hear the music from a Sibelius Scorch file, P to download a printable PDF file, and M for a MIDI file. For the Scorch files you may need to download the ActiveX Scorch plug-in for your web browser to view and hear the music; just follow the on-screen instructions. Some people need to restart their browser to make the plug-in work. Use the CD controls as you would expect. The black arrows to their left scroll through the pages. (See Questions and Answers for more information.)

Newton Highlands
Congregational Church
Title Text Composer Scorch file PDF file MIDI file


1. The great God of heaven is come down to earth Henry BramleyKathryn Rose S P M
2. A glorious star Birmingham broadsheetFrancis Roads S P M


3. Praise the Lord, O my soul Ps 103 BCPAnon. S P M
4. I will praise thee, O Lord Ps 138 BCPAnon. S P M
5. Mark the perfect man Ps 37 AVThomas Jarman S P M


6. Hark! from the tombs a doleful sound Isaac WattsThomas Jordan S P M

Metrical psalms

7. To our almighty maker, God Ps 98 IWH.E. S P M
8. Deep in our hearts let us record Ps 69 IWAnon. S P M
9. All laud and praise with heart and voicePs 30 OV Matthew Cooke S P M
10. How pleased and blest was IPs 122 IW George Groom S P M