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This list shows all known composers whose works appear on this site. To find the pieces composed by any one of them, use the Google whole site searchbar. It takes a minute or two to load. If it does not load at all, the reason is probably that your computer's security settings are blocking it. In that case usually a notice will appear on screen inviting you to "allow Active X", or something similar. If you want to search, you must allow the search bar to load.

Then type, or copy and paste, the name of the composer that you are looking for into the narrow white searchbar at the top of the screen, where it says "Google custom search", and press Return. The searchbar can then be a little overenthusiastic; usually the entries that you want are just the top few.

William Knapp,(1698-1868)
William Knapp,
Samuel Akeroyd
John Alcock jr
Richard Allison
John Arnold
Samuel Arnold
Robert Barber
John Barwick
John Beaumont
Arthur Bedford
John Bishop
John Broderip
Charles Burney
John Callcott
Samuel Chapple
John Chetham
John Church
Jeremiah Clark
Thomas Clark
Jeremiah Clarke
Thomas Clarke
B. Clifford
William Cole
Thomas Collins
Arcangelo Corelli
Robert Creyghton
William Croft
Raphael Courteville
James Currier
Uriah Davenport
H. E.
James Evison
John Fawcett
Thomas Firth
F. Foster
Alan Franks
William Gifford
Giovanni Giornovichi
Joseph Glasson
James Green
G. Griffin
Samuel Grigg
G. F. Handel
Edward Harwood
John Hatton
Joseph Haydn
William Hayes
Ralph Harrison
Phocion Henley
John Hill
Mary Hudson
Thomas Jarman
Stephen Jarvis
William Jones
Joseph Key
Robert King
William Knapp
G. Knowles
Henry Lawes
James Leach
William Marsh
William Mason
Thomas Merritt
John C. Miles
Benjamin Milgrove
John Moreton
Lord Mornington
John Offield
I. P.
James Peck
T. Philips
Jacob Pring
Vaughan Richardson
Francis Roads
Kathryn Rose
Thomas Shoel
Isaac Smith
Robert Smith
John Sreeve
Joseph Stephenson
Thomas Tallis
G. Titlar
Isaac Tucker
William Tucker
William Turner
John Wade
John Wainwright
Samuel Wakely
John Weldon
Charles Wesley jr
Samuel Wesley sr
Thomas White
Aaron Williams
Timothy Woodhead
Zerubbabel Wyvill